GUUD Project

Be.... GUUD





In life Good isn't anyways how everyone else sees it, it can be interpreted in many different ways and it should be with good  intentions with how we live. 

With that being said #GalicaGraphics and #GalicaGifts came up with GUUD, meaning just cause it doesn't look like expected Good can come in different forms. 

On your journey of being GUUD you should live feeling Glorious, because to live another day and be blessed with opportunities is Good.

Unapologetic,  because on your journey not everyone is gonna understand you or your movements so sometimes you have to keep pushing forward and not feel any type of way or need to explain yourself.

Unbothered by critics, doubts or things that don't service you or promote a healthy or productive lifestyle for you. 

Importantly Determined if you are not determined you will never start the journey or make the change that you have been putting off. Being Determined will drive you to a better a place and have you making good progress towards your goals. All in which the term GUUD was developed from, thanks for supporting and hope you have a GUUD Day.